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gets, grail on the way, auctions going on

This weekend, dark_tyranitar and I stopped by the local theme park to check the prizes. No major pokemon sightings, until we reached the lower midway...

You had 3 baseballs you could throw and they would record the speed of each pitch, if you could guess the speed of your third pitch exactly, you get a woobat. We won on the first try! :D
At nearly 10 inches in diameter its the biggest official woobat plush!
2014-07-19 19.59.15
They also had some emolgas and pikachus of a similar size.

I have a major grail on the way, my first ever mirage plush @.@
If you have been to my site you already know, but I'll just say its a Gen 1 pokemon with no previous plush z.z

Lastly, my eeveelution canvas auctions are still going on. Come have a look.

I updated my collection page yet again. If anyone wants to exchange links, just ask! :D

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