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A wild Mirage Charmander appeared!

Vorschau über Cut

Yup, for those of you who remember my last post: I went for this cute plush!
As you can see from the picture above, it was a bit dirty. Especially the eyebrows! So I cleaned the poor guy. Thanks to the guide from denkimouse at this point! It was a great help.

Here are two before - after shots for comparison:
1 2

This is what he now looks like. As you can see, it's a big plush with a string on its head. It's pretty heavy and sturdy, too!



Now, why could it be a mirage plush?
- I've noticed that the big winning prizes at fairs (you know, the kind of booths where you throw darts / throw a ball into a pyramid of cans etc.) are presented hanging down from the ceiling of these booths. The string on the head would be perfect for it.
- It has quite a funny pattern. Big Chamrnader is quite broad, but also very flat.
- It has European origins and a tush tag with some limited information. Made in Italy, huh? Interesting!

5 6

If anybody here knows of or even owns a similar plush, please let me know!
Same goes for the case he's no Mirage plush.

Oh wait, I got another new Charmander plush! This guy is very tiny. His tush tag says he's a Tomy. Still, I couldn't find him on Poképlushproject. Does maybe anyone have some information about him? Like, what year he was produced or where he was sold?

7 8


Let's finish this post with a photo of all the Charmander plushies I own now. Cheese, everybody! :D
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