SoftMonKeychains (anaildapinto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Remaining July Keychain orders!

Hi! Few days ago I made a new sales posts about my usual custom keychains and since we are already in the end of the month and there's no need to make the second one (thank you everyone for the new orders :) I will show here the keychains I made in the last days, closing the July activity.
So yeah actually there's 2 days left before the end of the month but something happened: torticollis, in another words, I got wry neck :(
Today couldn't even work in the next keychains due to the pain, I mean, I tried, but realized wasn't in conditions when I broke the wooden base of a Charmeleon keychain while cutting it :/ Well I'm used to twist my wrists due to my work but torticollis? First time. Joy, one day without work done. And I was urged to not work tomorrow neither.

I really hope that would be enough so I can go full steam after this sucky issue wears off! I have so many fun keychains to do!

Ah right, we know we are getting brand new mega evolutions around mid next month, right? Hopefully they are many and good, cuz I want to do something about it! =D

Anyway, that's all! See ya!
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