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updated and reduced price sales!

hello friends! i have come once more to advertise my sales on storenvy! i've added a load of products and reduced prices on some. I've also added a handy 'sales' tab to the side for easy access! i am still weeding through my collection, so feel free to 'watch' my storenvy for continual updates on stock! i try to add at least 5 new products a week!

you can either click the image above or this link to be transported to my storenvy!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-My feedback is located here and here
-I ship from a pet friendly home in California, USA using USPS.
-I am not responsible for any damages, loss, etc. once the package has been shipped.
-You can use either a Paypal account OR a credit card to pay through storenvy!
-Because my sales are going through storenvy now, there will be no haggling and no holds.

Please note that international shipping is very expensive! Shipping a plush costs about $9-11+ so please keep that in mind when you are buying. I am not throwing high numbers at you just to be mean. :c
(Has there been a USPS international rate increase lately? Because I feel like it's costing me like $12 to ship plushes when it used to only be around $9??)

For those of you who are hesitant about storenvy, ALL monetary transactions still go through Paypal so it is very safe! You can use either a Paypal account or a credit/debit card to pay! storenvy works just like regular online shopping! add an item to your cart for a total price INCLUDING shipping! storenvy calculates shipping for you and there are NO paypal fees.

I've also (finally) updated my collection site with a bunch of my gets over the past few months! come check it out!

I also update my Pokemon Instagram on an *almost* daily basis! *u*
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