Formally killerjaw01 (bergunty) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Formally killerjaw01

Small Sales Post

Just a small one today.
Terms: I ship worldwide from the UK, I accept Paypal (also PO/Cheque/Concealed cash from UK buyers only), I accept haggles and I also accept trades (wanted Raichu/Skymin items mostly)

Medium sized Tomy plush Mudkip: In good condition, no tag- $8 SOLD

Applause 1998 Zapdos Plush- never seen this one before?!- in worn condition, smells smoky- $1SOLD

Koffing Beanie- in good clean condition- $2.50

Pikachu Keychain- $3
Pichu Bobblehead- $2
Pikachu Model Figure- $3
Pichu Pez- scratched ears- $4
Bootleg Angrychu- $1
Bootleg Runchu- $1
Tags: koffing, mudkip, pichu, pikachu, zapdos
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