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Mega Lucario plamo!

Hey everyone~ I haven't seen people post images of stuff from Bandai's Pokemon Plamo (plastic model) stuff, so wanted to share a couple pics of my first build of the recent Mega Lucario! I put him next to the Figurearts Lucario for comparison.

I'm not new to plamo but Mega Lucario is the first plamo Pokemon I built. tbh I was pretty disappointed with the amount of stickers that had to be put on. They look fine at first, but as years pass, all the stickers run the risk of coming off. So the plamo aren't reliable to last throughout the many years...

I paid about $15 for it after shipping because I pre-ordered them from AmiAmi before I even realized they were plamo, and since AmiAmi doesn't allow cancellations, I had to go through with it (this is main reason I avoid AmiAmi), and of course shipping cost more than the product listing itself :P
But considering that, and considering that I got FigureArts Lucario for only $40 bucks shipping included, I would have to say FigureArts was well worth the premium paid on it... The plamo series is just too cheap for my taste. Mega Lucario plamo comes with another set of eyes... as STICKERS. >_>; Compared to the FigureArts where you can properly change the eyes back and forth... yeah it's just not a comparison really lol. FigureArts is well worth breaking wallet over the plamo series any day...

Still, the posing features of the plamo are nice! I look forward to setting up Mega Charizard X next.

I'm pretty upset at my roommate and his cat... =_= I told him to keep his cat out of my room because it messes things up in my room (luckily I keep my items for trade in a separate closet), but since I'm out of the house most weekends, I can't check up, so I came back this weekend to find that my Mewtwo D-Arts was missing the tip of his tail........ I turned most of my room inside out just to find the freaking tail tip but no luck...Maybe I'll luck out and come across it when I finally get to move out into my own place... some day... x_x; But ugh, so upset about it... just the freaking tail tip...!!!!!!
I'm almost contemplating buying a new D-Arts Mewtwo just because of my OOC, ack...! Precious tail tip that falls off too easily >_>; Unless someone has a ... Mewtwo tail tip they would sell me??? Oh man, maybe some day I'll invest in a 3-d printer... Wow lol. Well, best thing would be that I can find it eventually, but who knows after I already did a huge search through my room... =_=;

Anyway, I think this and Mega Charizard X will be the only sets I get. I get tempted for the regular Charizard plamo since Charizard is my ultimate favorite, but I'm extremely happy with the D-Arts Charizard and the other Charizard figures I have, so I should really hold back... XD

Trading for items in my wants list ~! I have a LOT of items for trade~!
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