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FromJapan gets... come see and laugh with me

Hello everyone!

Today I received my so awaited package from FJ! After buying these items back in June my babies are home... with a laughable surprise oh my gosh XD

Saster, my beloved Absol Pokédoll, is going to assist me with this box, he's all set!

Wow Saster, don't go so fast!! Wait... stamps? What could they be?

I still have no clue on what this is... a gift?

No!! XD *dies laughing*
You see, there was this really interesting listing on the Zukans search for a "full set" at mere 500yens. The translation didn't help much, but I thought that I'd be worth risking... I can't contain my laughter this is so stupid XD no wonder no one bid on it!
If there is any Aggron collector I'll gladly trade it (I have 10 feedback), just offer me stuff!

At least I wasn't tricked with my other gets!!

Meet Pen-Pen the crooked helmet Bisharp (no one wanted the poor guy because of that ;w; ) and Vinam the Banpresto Kawaii plush!!
Now I only need the Kawaii Charizard to have the whole Kawaii Kanto starters set ;w; too bad my wallet got so empty... I'd have bought a cheap one on Y!A that is no longer there ;__; ah someday someday

This Zukan also came from FJ, but it took a detour to agui_chan's place! I was hesitant on using FJ, and since she was going to get stuff over there anyways she offered to snatch one for me (and about a week later I gave in to using FJ and getting the items above XD).

Thanks for reading! I hope you had fun XD
Tags: aggron, bisharp, drifblim, drifloon, plush, venusaur, zukan
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