blupanther (blupanther) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets + Start of New Collection

I broke down and decided I need Ampharos in my life.
Mascot Plush
Who doesn't love bald dragon sheep?

My parcel arrived this morning (shipping from Japan has been crazy quick lately) and looks like I'm beginning an Amphy collection.

Amphy Collection Shot 1

Amp Charms Strap
Close up of charms and PT phone strap

The seller threw in a Mega Ampharos phone strap and Sylveon charm for free!

Amphy Plush 1
My favourite is probably the mascot keychain, but I love the mega plush too.

I'll probably be on the lookout for more Ampharos merch in the future. But my wallet needs a bit of a break before I can seriously search.
Tags: ampharos, collection update
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