shiny_zekrom (shiny_zekrom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

showing my chars and little pieces of my collection

Hi everybody

So yesterday i was picking a place to put my new charizard mug, and noticed that my chars are apparently my only really organized collection shelf in my room, so i took a pic, and decided to share it.

Plz notice that i dont have a lot of space, so not all my chars are there (try to fit a cuddle pillow on a flying shelf xD )

Also, I was poking about in my phone and found some other pics ^_^

Ray-y who seems obsessed with mc donalds xD

Poor thing fell asleep while working on the computer for hours

Drill, made with crazy in the UK xD

Custom bookmark, made for me back in 2011 or 2012

Rhydo, made by pancakelulu

This pic was taken during Florida Supercon this year:-)

My cynda kid. I got him from kingfeebas a while ago xD

What to say, he loves his taco bell hot sauce xD

Little blue, a lovely plush from my favorite mega evo ^_^

With a heavy heart I have to say that he is MIA :'(

But I'm sure hes in one of my travel bags which I switch like some girls switch purses xD

Still, I miss him :(

Selfie, Semillón? (Big seed)

Deffy a cutester here this chesnaught pokecen <3

I'm looking for the pokedoll, but not actively bc my wallet is currently closed ^^;

And thats it! Thanks for looking ^_^

Please check out my shop, skyline comics! Ive added some new merch, and within the next 2 weeks plan on adding more. Check the side menu, not just the main page, thats where most goodies are <3
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