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New pokecenter goods!!

They took a little while but they finally changed it up ^^ wow less than 6 days to go who's excited?? *raises hand* I just got 25 dollars from my neighbor bc I'm watching her dog for a couple days even though I know nothing about them.. goods are under the cut!

pkmncenter pic
( I'll try to get all three posted together like on the site on a labtop in a few minutes)

okay so the labtop will not load the site, I will try again later :/ nvm fixed it :) image borrowed from my good buddy xmeowthx, i hope thats okay, sorry i beat you to this post :(, you are always welcome to comment about your excitement here ^^

I cant decide if I want char Y or X ohhhh ><  I'm kinda wanting to buy a sylveon pokedoll, I would think they would have them... And deliverychu for sure, i think its awesome the US gets an exclusive plush!

wait a second....... the pokemon center is opening less than a week.... asdfghjkljdkhskfhdfksh!!! it just hit me how close that is XD Is there anything else you are hoping they will have in stock? be sure to mention in the comments! I know a lot of people will be wanting to show off their gets from the site once everything arrives, should a someone make a special thread for that?

is anyone else having trouble with livejournal logging you out even though you selected the remember me option? *raises hand again*

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