Heidi (origamigryphon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So, the haul of Tomys that you guys wanted was small, as I thought it would be--I was only able to find 6. I was only able to find one Flaaffy and one Houndoom, so those are going to whoever asked for them first. Sorry to everyone else that asked for stuff, but there's not much to expect at a Comic con. XD

Unfortunately, the Houndoom was separated from its packaging. With my limited knowledge of Japanese characters, I was able to pick out his packaging, however.


With my lovely laying Piplup <3 He's so soft~

Chinchou for candycafe
Flaaffy for mamoswine
Houndoom for audreypuppy
Natu and Xatu for meowthcollector
Roserade for regen

I will comment later with your totals, just let me know your zip code. <3
Tags: chinchou, figures, flaaffy, houndoom, natu, roserade, xatu
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