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Zukan XY03 photos - pick up payment + quick sale

Hi all!

I just went and picked up the latest zukan set, and as usual, time for photos :D
(I was supposed to go tomorrow but something came up so I had to go one day early xD;)

I love opening Gashaphon balls :P

First up is Mega Venusaur, he's made in 3 parts, and quite heavy
According to TTA, due to the size limit of capsules, mega venusaur is made in 1/45 instead of 1/40, doesn't change the fact he's still the biggest in this set, though. He has no base so the zukan scale thing is on his belly. I think he's really neat though :o



(Didn't know it has flower on his butt until now xD)



Mega Charizard X:
He's made in 2 parts, with a base.


Didn't photograph the side since it's so hard to take good photo ^^;

Litleo/ Pyroar (female) set:

I still wonder why they didn't make the male version in the same set :x
They are straightforward, no separate parts, just them and the base.

I always love pawpads, even though you can't really see them unless you take them off the base and look ;u;

Close up on Litleo:
There's some what I think is glue residue, it came like this. I swear I didn't break anything ;_;

Back view:
I think Pyroar is pretty nice, but I am not too sure about Litleo due to the glue. Not sure if it happens in every set or not though.
Edit: I tried peaking in the Litleo from the other packs that I picked up, I checked 4 so far mine is the only one with this problem, so I guess I just had an unlucky pick >_>

Honedge/ Doublade/ Aegislash:
This is a surprise actually. I thought when the set was announced it is said that Aegislash will be one figure but interchangable parts or something so you can "change" the form. But it's now two separate figures. I am not sure how I feel - I was really curious how it would work so I was a bit disappointed, but then, having one more figure actually make them like very nice when putting in the base.


For some reason I found this interesting xD

I want shields!

I think doublade and honedge face looks weird in the photo since the "lines" on their eyes/ teeth aren't showing in the photo. It doesn't look as bad in person, but I think they would look much better if you get a fine black pen and colour the lines black.

"Pegs" (Stands) for the blades, each of them has a unique stand (:

Last but not least: Full photo of them ^^

Pick up payment:
They are waiting to go to you! (Sorry poor lighting xD;)

Original pick up post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17557261.html

Reminder of my General Rules:
- Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11, My Feedback.
- Shipping is from Hong Kong via airmail (small packet), estimated delivery time is 5-16 working days to most countries. Registered airmail (signature required on delivery) is available for an extra $2.2. If you don't get registered mail, you are responsible for lost/ damaged packages.
- Price includes shipping and fees to ANYWHERE in bubble mailer! If you want a box, let me know but please be aware it will cost considerably more.
- Paypal Only, no e-cheque at this time please!

Your total is $25, or $27.2 for registered mail, unless otherwise stated.
As I mentioned in my original post, capsules are not included for the sake of shipping price, so I will be removing the plastic capsules when sending them. If you want yours in the capsules, please let me know, as it would add around $1.5 to shipping cost.
You can still upgrade to registered mail even if you haven't requested, just pay the right amount (:

please send payment to: swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com
and include in the title: XY03 zukan pick up - your username
and what you got in the memo, and a note about registered shipping if you are adding that.

Again, you can combine with items from my Shop. If there's anything you want to combine, just place your order on storenvy directly and leave a note about it with your username in the memo and I will take $2 off your total on your pick up. Or if you prefer to send as one payment, you can leave a comment here and don't pay yet (:

1. niraito
2. jr890
3. puckyducky

4. chaos_21
5. nasija
6. chromapika - registered mail
7. renshao
8. clair2522
9. splash
10. babygape - registered mail
11. tyrumpatumpatum
12. kyogres
13. starbitt
14. eternal_rena
15. elementparadise - + 1 set of XY02 zukan - registered mail - $50
16. jen81489 - + XY01 + XY02 set - registered mail - $75
17. doryphish333
18. yellowmudkip

Payment is due now until latest 7th August, just send whenever best suited for you within this period.

All paid orders will be shipped on 9th August/ 11th August.
If you leave a comment here I will reply to you when they are shipped!

Quick Sale + Pick up still available

Since I realized I will be going to the shop for some other stuffs next week, if you still want any zukan sets picked up, they are still available at $25 shipped anywhere per set. XY01 and XY02 are also available for the same price.

(Foongus kids for size reference only)
Charizard Nanoblock. I bought the pack just so I can try out nanoblock xD Now that I have finished building it, you can take it for the price that I bought it for ($13) + shipping/ fees = $16.6

If you are interested in other pokemon nano blocks, I can pick them up for you for shelf price ($13 if it is listed at 1200yen + tax, $11 if it is listed at 950 + tax), + $3 commission + shipping/ fees.
I will collect payment after picking them up.

Zukan XY03 gashaphon machine sheet - $5 shipped with bubble wrap + hard backing in document envelop.

These are the models ones I photographed in earlier part of this post, so they aren't "new" but aren't exactly "used" either.
I just wasn't planning on keeping them but I wanted to take photos nonetheless ^^;
Honedge and Litleo set are $8.6 shipped each
I also have one NIP Mega charizard X for $12.5 shipped

That's all for now, thanks for reading my post ^_^
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