Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan XY03 photos - pick up payment + quick sale

Hi all!

I just went and picked up the latest zukan set, and as usual, time for photos :D
(I was supposed to go tomorrow but something came up so I had to go one day early xD;)

Cut for photos + some description!Collapse )

Pick up Participants please find payment info under this cutCollapse )

Quick Sale + Pick up still available

Since I realized I will be going to the shop for some other stuffs next week, if you still want any zukan sets picked up, they are still available at $25 shipped anywhere per set. XY01 and XY02 are also available for the same price.

(Foongus kids for size reference only)
Charizard Nanoblock. I bought the pack just so I can try out nanoblock xD Now that I have finished building it, you can take it for the price that I bought it for ($13) + shipping/ fees = $16.6

If you are interested in other pokemon nano blocks, I can pick them up for you for shelf price ($13 if it is listed at 1200yen + tax, $11 if it is listed at 950 + tax), + $3 commission + shipping/ fees.
I will collect payment after picking them up.

Zukan XY03 gashaphon machine sheet - $5 shipped with bubble wrap + hard backing in document envelop.

These are the models ones I photographed in earlier part of this post, so they aren't "new" but aren't exactly "used" either.
I just wasn't planning on keeping them but I wanted to take photos nonetheless ^^;
Honedge and Litleo set are $8.6 shipped each
I also have one NIP Mega charizard X for $12.5 shipped

That's all for now, thanks for reading my post ^_^
Tags: sales, zukan
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