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TCG Collection Update: Eevee, Houndour, Houndoom, Growlithe, Meowth, Persian, and Vulpix. Plus Wants

Hi, everyone!

Wow! It's been awhile since I've posted to the community. Most of my collection is in boxes since I just moved to a new house last month. I finally bought the last English Reverse Holo Growlithe and Eevee cards I needed to complete my English TCG collections of them, so I decided to pull out my binders and do my first ever collection update! :D

Probably a boring collection update since (I believe) there's few TCG collectors. ^^; lol. But I'm excited!

I believe I now have all the English regular and reverse holo TCG cards of Eevee, Houndour, Houndoom, Growlithe, Meowth, Persian, and Vulpix. You'll also see all my non-English cards of these Pokemon. ^^

I realized after I took these photos that a few cards are probably missing since a few are in a different binder. The one that comes to mind is the Radiant Collection Eevee (which I have in English, Japanese, and Korean).

WARNING:This post is VERY image heavy. I tried to keep the images small...maybe too small. Let me know if I need to fix that.

Here's one page as a preview. ^^ This page features Dragons Exalted Houndoom in all the languages it was released...except French, which I'm waiting to arrive. :D




(Blank space is for the French version of that card which I'm waiting to arrive.)



(Blank space is for the French version of that card which I'm waiting to arrive.)



(Blank space is for the French version of that card which I'm waiting to arrive.)









(Last two Japanese cards are out of order. I was too lazy to reorganize all the cards when they arrived. ^^;)

Photos of these Pokemon from my Base, Jungle, and Fossil Set Binder
My goal with this binder is to collect all three sets in every language.

Languages EeveeLanguages GrowltiheLanguages ArcanineLanguages MeowthLanguages PersianLangauges Vulpix

If you think you might have any cards I'd be interested in, please let me know. ^^ I collect WAY more than just these Pokmeon...this is just a tiny sample of my collection. I collect any language so if you have non-English cards, that might be especially interesting for me. I might also be interested in World Championship deck prints of these Pokemon lines that I don't already have in these photos.

I would love to find the alternate language prints of Vivillion. The only two I have are the English prints.

As always, I'm looking for any Houndoom and Houndour merchandise I don't already have, so please feel free to link me to any sales posts including them. ^^

I'm looking to trade for (or possibly purchase) Topps (from any set) and the old cardboard Burger King promotion cards that included the original 151 pokies. I'm also looking for Flipz. I think it's ones from Series 1. Oh! And I love Lamincards. :D

I just recently organized almost all of my duplicate TCG cards. If you'd like me to check for any you're looking for, let me know. It's easiest if you list them by set since that's how I organized my duplicates.

~ Risha
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