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New Gets! + current plush collection pictured

Hi everyone, I am excited to share my first gets from the community!

I purchased the super DX and HQ eevee plush from the LJ user Splash. :)
Pictures with comparisons below the break!

I got the super DX and HQ eevee plush!
The HQ is a bit softer than the DX, but not by too much...the collar is really the only noticeably softer part...
...however, the HQ is noticeably bigger! Not by a lot, but more than what some pictures would leave me to believe.

The tail is much bigger on the HQ.

Here are their backs.

I wish the plush had some kind of support in the ears, because they flop all over the place!
The ears like to flop backwards, making seemingly ear-less pictures like this happen.
Both eevee: "Ah! Where did our ears go?!"

Oh? What's this?

An itty-bitty eevee figure! I almost forgot about him in the package, he's so tiny! Poor thing looks like he's about to get eaten by the plush. xD

My small eevee plush collection, but at least my pokedoll has a few friends now! I hope to gradually obtain some more eevee plush as I get some extra cash. I want this to be a collection, gosh darn it!

Pokemon Collection
I'll end this post with a picture of all my pokemon plush so far! Had to smush them all together, so some are hard to see. xD

Thanks for looking! I hope to find some more great deals on the community in the future(when I'm not broke, lol).
Tags: collection, collection update, eeveelution, gets, plush
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