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Plush Sales

Hey pkmncollectors.
I haven't been very active lately due to job hunting!
Still haven't had any luck but I will keep my head held high.

I am doing some weeding sales just now, my little chihuahua is pregnant so I need the money to pay for vets etc.

Anyway onto the sales:
Sales guidlines
-Sales permission granted on April 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Let me know if you would like some feedback! And please leave me feedback whenever your items arrive! ^^
-Please be aware that I do come from a very animal friendly home (7 cats and 4 dogs) but all my plush and items are kept high and away from them though
-Prices don’t include shipping, unless otherwise noted.
-I will hold items but only if you are 100% committed to buy
-Haggling is fine
-If you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to ask! ^^
-I ship from the Edinburgh,UK. And will ship internationally!
-If you would like to add tracking/insurance, please let me know. Once items are shipped out, I am not longer responsible.
-I do use recycled packaging when I can.
-I am amazing with shipping and will usually ship you item out the next day, sometimes even the same day!
-I accept PayPal.
-Payment is due within 24 hours (unless you notify me beforehand) or items will be put up for sale again.
-When sending payment, please include your username and what you bought in the title and/or memo!

All in this picture are perfect with Hang and tush tags

Lapras - $35
Happiny - $35
Eevee - $70
Shinx (2009) - $35
Minchino - $20
Cyndaquil (2012) - $20
Azelf - $50
Mesprit - $50
Uxie - $50
Jirachi - $50

All have slight damage to the hangtags (apart from pichu, he is perfect)

Vaporeon - $90
Pikachu (2006) - $50
Pichu - $35
pachirisu - $35
Shaymin -  $35

Back side of pikachus tag (no damage, just has a sticker on it)
Pachurishus tag has some pen ink and a crease
Shaymins tag has a small bend in the corner
Vaporeons tag has a few creases

All are in perfect condition but don't have hangtags

Minun - $50
Plusle - $50 (on hold)  
Aipom - $30

Japanese Arceus tag has slight damage (see pics below) - $35
American Mienfoo - $20

Crease in Arceus tag

DX Movie 2013 Eevee (has hang and tush tags) - $15
Play by Play eevee (scratches on eye, no tags) - $15

Jakks Riolu (perfect condition no tags) - $3

Thank you!
Tags: azelf, canvas, eevee, mesprit, pachirisu, pichu, pikachu, plush, riolu, sales, shaymin, shinx, uxie, vaporeon
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