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Anniversary update (sort of) + Re-intro

Hello community!! I’ts been three years since I joined here, (I  thought that my joining anniversary was today, but apparently was like a week ago adgfgsaf xD) And, because of this “special” occasion im going to make a quick re-intro thing along with a collection update…because I always said I would update soon, but I never did. Shame on me.

A little about me...Im Jess and Im from Mexico. Im a graphic designer technically, but what I enjoy the most is drawing. I’ve liked pokemon since the anime started being aired here…and I guess that it was when I started getting pokemon merch. But i started to actually try building a collection as such until I joined this community. Besides pokemon, I collect things from other games/anime, I focus mostly on my favorite characters.


I have a messy collage of merchandise, but I’ve always wanted to collect as much as I can of a line, and I’ve finally decided that in the future I will collect ursaring/teddiursa, because currently big bear is my favorite pokemon, and they don’t have an overwhelming amount of merch that could take a lot of space.  Some other favorites include piplup, zorua, riolu, shaymin, espurr, charizard and the eevee family. Oh, and Sinnoh is my favorite region!

full shot
(I did my best to take a pic of all the set up w/o falling from the bed)

My collection is scattered all over my room, but since we are moving soon, i took the chance to most of it together for a group pic. I thought I could fit all in my carpet but I failed so I set up the important stuff…just left out things like stickers, posters, some other flats and things I couldn’t find at the moment.

Collecting has been really slow this year, and its currently on hiatus, but im happy with what I have been able to get.

Close up to the plush section. (Tikichu was drunk or something)
Like almost everyone here, I really like plushes, I love 1/1 and talking plushes the most, but due to space restrictions I wouldn’t be able to display them properly if I decided to collect them, so I just have a few of them. 1/1 meowth is missing because it has been at a friend’s house for like 2 years (I sure hope he doesn’t think its his now xD). I want to get more pokedolls since they are really cute and don’t take as much space as other plush.

Talking Zorua was the reason i joined this comunity, i was looking for one everywhere at the time. And i got it!!

(forgive the ugly picture, my camera betrayed me) Games are my absolute favorites of all the pokemon things. I couldn’t play the first ones when they were out since my parents never got me a game boy, so I used to sit to watch a friend play them at school breaks. When silver/gold were out I got my GBC and my dad bought me a bootie that I thought was awesome because it had both versions in one cartridge ha ha. Most of the text was incomprehensible tough (I don’t know how I managed to beat it). Emerald has been my most beloved game, currently im completing a second one.

Probably my main focus now: the TCG. It takes a lot less space to collect them than plushes or figures, so i find it suitable for me…And I enjoy playing as well! Im no champ or anything, but it's a lot of fun (I was just able to win 2nd at a battleroads once). I used to buy some cards every now and then…but then a friend dragged me to play it a couple of years ago and I really liked it. I have not been able to go to the leagues for a while, but I hope to be able to go again soon.

One of the things I like the most is looking around in different places for old pokemon cards. I will use ebay just as a last resort to fill the sets I want, but for now i just enjoy finding them at different places.

I’ve always had a thing for team Rocket. What a trio of dorks. After getting the ichiban kuji figures I decided to start a collection of them. Meowth happens to be one of my favorite pokemon too  so I can merge my small side collection as part of team rocket one. I just have a few things for now, but I want to expand it. Can’t get enough of these 3.

It's a shame that human characters don’t have more merch, Queen Lucy is my favorite but has literally nothing (that I know of) and Cynthia has just a few things. I wish there was at least one nice Cynthia figure.


When I joined this community I intended to collect eevees. But as time passed a bunch of goods started coming out and I was all stressed out because I wouldn’t be able to keep up, while also getting old goods. But I realized collecting is supposed to be for fun, so I dropped my naïve wish to have all the eeveelution merch. I still like them a lot so I purchase a few vee goods every now and then.

Tomy figures! (this photo is old, but I was not feeling like setting them up djakgdsfg) There’s a bittersweet story behind a these. When I lost my Emerald version , I was quite sad due to all the effort I had invested to complete it to the 100% I was just missing a couple of BF golden symbols (Still to this day, I have not played another game as much). A friend of mine had just dug a bunch of tomys from his old stuff and was planning to sell, but he gave them to me to “compensate” my loss. So most of my TOMY figures come from that super nice gift.

I wanted to complete all the classic 151 at first, but honestly I don’t see myself paying $100 for voltorb or electrode.  I’d rather spend that money on a nicely detailed scale figure instead xD. But let’s see how far I can get, got like 90 now.


Well folks that would be it for now.

Currently collecting is on hiatus due to $$ reasons but ill’ be back into it as soon as I can.

Im really glad I found this site, there are lots of nice people around…so I would like to get to meet  more people from here…Im looking for people to either chat via skype, or penpals to exchage letters/small gifts (I can just take a few of these). If anyone would like to just shoot me a PM.

Anyway thanks for reading! (and kudos if you made it here)
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