devi_white (devi_white) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Time Raichu & Trade?

I just got my Pokemon Time Raichus from Sunyshore and they are all AWESOME! This series is way too adorable! Thanks again Gin!

I purchased 9 blind packaged tins. Here is what I found in them...

As you can see, not ONE of these is of Raichu! I come to the community today requesting help! If someone has a Raichu tin they would like to trade with one of these, or even sell me, I'd LOVE YOU FOREVER! After finding a way to get a Raichu tin, I will be selling off whichever of these I have left. If you're interested in trading or selling me a Raichu tin, please leave me a comment! I was hoping to have 2 Raichu tins in total so I will be willing to do 2 trades with 2 different people, so if you see someone has already commented requesting a trade, please let me know you're interested as well! I can never have enough of this electric mouse!

Follow the cut for a bigger picture of these tins:

These are brand new right out of package!
Tags: dragonite, furret, raichu, scizor, sentret, shedinja
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