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Wants post: Topps

Long time no see, community. I've been lurking casually, but I decided to post in order to see if anyone could help me fill some of the last gaps in my Topps collections. :)

I've compiled a few images to illustrate the cards I am still lacking. I will specifically mention which series, edition and card finish I require. The images show what the cards look like, but the finish of the foil cards I am after will obviously differ from that pictured. Please don't be offended if you offer me a card and I turn it down - if it does not fill all the set criteria, it is not a card I require.

No trades, please - at this time I am only looking to buy. Shipping is to Finland, in case international mailing is an issue.

Don't know what the difference between a silver foil and rainbow foil is? How can you tell the color of the Topps logo? Learn that and more from kyogres's wonderful Topps Series 1 Guide!

Series 2 - Silver foils

#94 Gengar, #96 Drowzee, #111 Rhyhorn, #113 Chansey, HV4 James, EP1 Pokémon - I Choose You!, EP2 Pokémon Emergency

Series 3 - Silver foils

#128 Tauros, #134 Vaporeon, #142 Aerodactyl, #143 Snorlax, #144 Articuno, #146 Moltres, #150 Mewtwo, #151 Mew, HV6 #25 Pikachu

Series 3 - Chase cards (Note the edges)

EVO3 of 12 #15 Beedrill, EVO4 of 12 #92 Gastly, EVO5 of 12 #93 Haunter, EVO6 of 12 #94 Gengar, EVO10 of 12 #66 Machop, EVO12 of 12 #68 Machamp

The First Movie - Blue Topps logo - Silver foils

Checklist, 1 Legends, 9 Ash And Company, 19 The Stairwell, 47 The Water Race Is On!

The First Movie - Blue Topps logo - Chase cards (Note the edges)

1 of 12 #01 Bulbasaur, 5 of 12 #05 Charmeleon, 6 of 12 #06 Charizard, 7 of 12 #07 Squirtle, 10 of 12 #147 Dratini, 12 of 12 #149 Dragonite

Series 1 - UK Edition (Round logo, Pokémon name on info side in black) - Silver foils

#11 Metapod, #14 Kakuna, #15 Beedrill, #20 Raticate, #24 Arbok, #26 Raichu, #31 Nidoqueen, #33 Nidorino, #44 Gloom, #45 Vileplume, #46 Paras, #72 Tentacool, #75 Graveler, TV1 Ash Ketchum, TV5 #120 Staryu

Thanks for looking!
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