a_flockofmarins (a_flockofmarins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A quick introduction!

Hi guys, my name is Katie, and I recently became a member of thus community. I just wanted to pop in and say hey! :-) I've been lurking here for a while and I can't wait to start buying all the awesome stuff I see on here. I collect mainly figures and plush, but I love pokemon center stuff as well. My favorite pokemon to collect are feraligatr line, gengar, pikachu, and sylveon. Next month, I'll be getting money back from school and will be posting a lot more wants, but right now there is one thing in particular I'm looking for. It's the feraligatr mini cot figure.

If you have that (or the totodile one) please let me know and I would love to work something out. I'm not quite sure of the value, but I've seen other mini cots fo from $2-$7 dollars usually, but just let me know what you think is fair. :) Thanks again and nice to meet you!!
Tags: feraligatr, figures, pikachu, wants
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