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Rare Lottery Lugia and Ho-oh Zukan Auction

Hello all! So much for being a slow shipper. I got all US orders shipped out this morning from my sales post. :) Anything purchased after this morning, or International orders, however, will have to wait for next week. As I was going through my figures from the lots I'd purchased, though, I was able to identify that among the other zukan, I had the rare Lottery Lugia and Ho-oh zukans as well! (Of which, only 2000 were ever made!) Unfortunately they do not have their clear stands/base, and each of them have some scuffs and flaws, but thanks to Vick's Vapo Steam Oil and a magic eraser, I was able to freshen these beauties up well enough for sale. They will be auctioned off here on this post.

 photo 2014-08-01120011.jpg

If LJ is still hiding the "reply" to comment button, feel free to put your bid in a new thread. I will try to keep them organized. I'm not sure what's going on with that, seems to only affect some people?


Auctions for Rare Lottery Lugia and Ho-oh. Each figure will be auctioned off separately. Here's you chance to own one of these rare (only 2000 were ever made) lottery zukan!

(*) Auctions will end August 8th at 11:59PM EDT. Standard no-sniping rules apply.
(*) Each zukan starts at $100, with a BIN of $200. BIN's remain an option even after bids have been placed.
(*) Shipping for these figures will be $5 in the US, $10 international, because I want to use a box.
(*) Sales permission granted in 2009 by Linealba, feedback is here.
(*) Please look at the photos and understand that these zukan are not mint, have been cleaned up, and may still have paint rubs/tears/fading in spots, markings, or other such imperfections. I did not point out EVERY mark in my comments, so please study the photos carefully.
(*) If LJ is still hiding the "reply" to comment button, feel free to put your bid in a new thread. I will try to keep them organized. I'm not sure what's going on.

Small paint tear on wing.

There's a small area with a few tiny ink spots that would not come off on the wing there, looks like a little dot in the photo. Difficult to photograph, but wanted to mention it.

Small paint tears on bottom of leg/top of thigh.

Has a green mark on the white near the green tip, this may be paint error. Also a white spot near the orange on the right side near the middle, and a bit of paint wear above it on the wing.

Lovelies <3 Please study the photos closely. I did not label or point out EVERY flaw.

And if you want to know what Lugia looked like BEFORE I took my magic cleaning powers to her:

;__; The yellow crayon. OMG.

This stuff is amazing. And smells nice, too. Just don't drink. D: (As if every label on it didn't tell you that already, haha.)
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