Kurumi (kurukimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Watercolor Chibi-Pokemon Commissions? ・ω・

Hello community! I've been doing some watercoloring lately for practice and have decided to try commissions for the first time in my life ever! I can make all sorts of stuff with watercolors if you're interested in asking me to try something out, I put a cut below for details!

✿ I was granted sales permission on June 10, 2014 by Allinia.
✿ I ship from the USA and will ship internationally.
✿ Default shipping will be the painting slid in between two pieces of cardboard and secured for protection, it will be shipped in a large envelope.

Details for commissions:
✿ Each Pokemon is $2.50 shipped!
✿ I'll be happy to do OCs! As you can see, I didn't make a normal raichu for examples either, it's a raichu with a little sailor hat! I can also make any other characters from other video games, etc. too, I'm not too familiar with humans but I can try if you want!
✿ Before I start, I'll draw out a basic design for you which will be included in your package if you'd like! You can ask for anything, my normal style, sleeping style, pokemon-time style, or give me a reference to something! If you don't like the design, you can tell me specifically what you'd like to see. I will not be working with anything that you will not be happy with :) I can be creative with poses and give optional accessories.
✿ You can ask me to do any kind of thing with watercolors, I can do "postcards" with backgrounds (the sylveon example) and do chibi cut-outs (raichu example) and more traditionally bigger art examples (although those are bigger to ship). I can try anything else you want too! Postcard examples will have a semi-pop out Pokemon on top of a watercolor splash and be mounted onto construction paper (unless you request it to be not to, it gives it a 'framed' image). Chibi cut-outs are mounted on construction paper and then recut, this just gives it the organized edge and a sturdier build. The post-cards are larger than the average sized post-card and the chibi cut-outs are the size of a hand. (Roughly around 4.5" up/down and width depends on the Pokemon, although it really does depend on the character n_n) Chibi cut-outs are different pieces of a Pokemon cut out, painted, then assembled to give it a cleaner look as well as a more pop-out image.
Thank you for reading this! ✿w✿

Also, still looking for a legitimate Eevee pokedoll xD Doesn't have to be MWT!
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