xeeveex (xeeveex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Search Continue (with petitie add-ons)

Hello Community! Hope you all had a great week! Hoping someone out there might be able to help me with the following wants:

Mega Charizard X PokeCenter Plush
Mega Charizard Y PokeCenter Plush

Waillord Pokedoll (does not have to have hang tag)

Gengar Petitie Plush
Eevee Petite Plush
Ampharos Petite Plush
2 x Arcanine Petite Plush (possibly 3 depending on overall price)
Marill Petite Plush (possibly 2 depending on overall price)
Dedenne Petite Plush (possibly 2 depending on overall price)

Looking to see if anyone can help possibly get a group of the above together to save on shipping/overall costs. Trying to get a surprise grouping together for someone special <3

I am in the US, like shipping to have tracking, and can issue payment promptly via paypal invoice (that would be sent to my email).

Thanks a bunch!
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