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I was going through some of my old posts and I realized in the two years I've been on here I have not made a re-intoduction.

So hey. I'm Grace. 18. Virginia, USA. Heading to college later this month. But which plush to bring with me? I plan to major in business/marketing to go into theme park marketing. I am a huge theme park nerd even though I hate riding rides. Outside of collecting I really don't do much. Pretty laid back really. Have an amazing boyfriend of 3 years. He's a big World of Warcraft nerd- one of the best in the country actually. Might know him if you play.

I have been collecting for around 3ish years. I was of course into Pokemon when I was a kid when it came out, same ol story. I some how got back into it for some reason. And here I am.

Ahh my good ol bootie Mew! Was so excited to get him and my bootie Dragonite later. Umbreon was picked up by me in Nintendo World, thus sparking my true collecting.

PEWWW EXPLOSION. excuse the random items such as the air filter >.>
I mainly collect Pokedolls and the green birdie line as you can tell. Pikachu was an accidental collection of course. I also collect the American food line which includes the Nestle Wonderball, cereal, mac and cheese, Pop-Tarts and even vitamins. All of my Jakks, Hasbros and other non Pokecen plush are alllll from yard sales and flea markets and the occasional thrift store.

Close up of my dolls and birdies. I obviously still need a ton of birdie Time merch, but I have this thing where if I know I can buy it whenever I want, I don't buy it. Which is how I end up missing out on merch when it stops being sold at the Center xD But I only collect dolls I like, which I am pretty much down to a few including Oddish (ONE DAY) and Houndour. Some like Spheal and Smoochum I can only dream of owning lol.

My cute Honda Civic with pkmnluv plates! Plushies are no longer in there in fear of sun damage. Gengar is a bootie, long story with him. My bumper sticker is a sticker I designed for my job at the Halloween Haunt event at Cedar Fair Parks. I work as a monster at Kings Dominion during it. "Watch your back, I'm a monster at Halloween Haunt" :3

Thats really it :D

Many of you know, I am super active on instagram where I post collection updates and now mini pokedoll reviews. @mewisme700


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