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Aaaaaaand quite some time ago I asked a bunch of questions about sculpey, probably annoyed a bunch of you, and never showed you what I did. I was going to, I swear. I just... forgot. xDDD (Same goes for my 'package received' posts... now it's not even fun anymore xD)

So! Since it's better late than never...

Iiiiit's Espeon!

Ain't she cute? x3

Side view..

Back view (look, she has a very weird tail xD)

Uh... Under view? xD (Guess what I used to separate her legs? Just look at it for over 10 seconds and I bet you'll realize. xD)

Sorry for the last pic being so... bad. My camera likes to mess up with pictures it doesn't feel comfortable with.
Either way, I have another sculpture waiting to be painted, but I have a commission and a trade to work on right now so he'll have to wait. So how did you like my Espeon? =3 I kinda stole the Pokedoll-like idea from someone in here but I keep forgetting who! Whoever you are, identify yourself so I can credit you! xD
EDIT: And the artist who had the idea first has been identified! xD The idea is by yamadahachi, who makes some really cute sculptures, by the way. <333

EDIT 2: I just realized. She's not made of sculpey, she's made of Fimo. It's almost all the same so it's okay, though. xDDD *made her so long ago she didn't even remember if it was sculpey or fimo*

... And I've been meaning to ask that for a while now but uh... I fail and never know who exactly are the mods here. xD *idiot* So if any of you mods is reading this.. I have no feedback here (because people keep ignoring my requests to leave me some xDDD) but can I maybe, perhaps, sometime, after I come back from my school trip thing which is next week, have your permission to make a sales post? ^^" Feel free to say NO and laugh in a cruel way if you feel like, I don't mind. xD One way or another, thanks! ^^"

And thanks to everyone who read this post. I hope you liked my sculpture. =3
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