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Sales Sales Sales~

I was just accepted into grad school and realized I'm not going to have a whole lot of time over the next two years to get all my extra stuff sold... guess now's the time!

Priced to move, check out some awesome sales! Full of figures, plush, zukan and odds and ends! Come take a look!

Previews:// Click on any picture or cut for more!

Sales Policies
- I received Sales Permission from lineaalba in February of 2009
- My feedback can be found here
- I ship from the US and will happily ship anywhere
- I accept Paypal ONLY
- Please no trades, reasonable haggling is fine
- Prices are in USD and do not include "fees"
- Payment is due within 24 hours of my giving you your total, unless we discuss something first
- Please feel free to ask any questions!! :)

In regards to shipping:
- I will ship with either USPS or FedEx, which ever is cheaper (I get discount FedEx through my job)
- Buyer pays as close to actual shipping as possible per online calculators (packaging is on me)
- Once the item has left my hands, I cannot be responsible for what postal carriers do. I will get tracking whenever possible!

In regards to quotes:
I'm happy to give shipping quotes based on location. However, a shipping quote does not hold the item. Please specify if you're looking for a quote or if you're committed to an item. You have 24 hours after a total is given for payment to be sent, after which you'll receive a reminder and then the item will be up for grabs again.

Please note!
Items come from a Smoke-Free, PET FRIENDLY home! I have a rabbit and occasionally my dogs come over to visit. Lolli is like a shedding machine... I find her fur in my lunch all the time! I will do my absolute best to rid all items of stray fur before they go out, but please excuse any tag alongs!

Still available!
HUGE GIGANTIC Play-By-Play Eevee Plush (1999)

Very good condition considering age. I've owned Eevee for over 10 years- got her from a game place in Florida as a prize back in early 2004. Stuffed with original foam pellets. Eevee stands approx. 24 inches tall, is about 20 inches wide, and about 30 inches long with the tail tucked up. Bottom of the feet are a little dirty- should lift up with light cleaning (please see pictures). Otherwise looking good and quite symmetrical for a PBP plush.
1:1 Eevee and Pokedoll used for size comparison NFS. My company gets discount FedEx shipping, so shipping shouldn't be outrageous within the US. Willing to work with International buyer if interested. Also willing to remove foam to reduce shipping costs.


Additional images:
Comparison to Pokedoll | Bottom of FeetBottom of Foot | Closeup of Eyes | Right EyeLeft Eye


Tyranitar , Crocanaw, Geodude (Groundbreakers- official) TFG : SOLD
Brock TFG: $12

Lugia, Ho-Oh TFG: SOLD
Salamence, Feraligatr TFG: SOLD

Torchic TFG: SOLD
Teddirusa, Shroomish, Piplup TFG: SOLD

Unova Starters, Deoxys: $3 each
Victini (no support peg): $1.50
Black Kyurem: SOLD

Reshiram, Zekrom, Shaymin (Skye) TOMY: $4 each
Butterfree, Rhydon, Volbeat TOMY: $3 each

Pikachu, Spearow, Geodude (some paint rubs), Metapod, Alakazam, Tangela TOMY: $1 each

ZUKAN NOTE: I did my best with the pegs/bases, but they're probably mixed up. So please keep this in mind if you're very particular about your bases/pegs

Close ups: Paras/Parasect | Kanghaskan/Venonat/Venomoth | Ledyba/Ledian/Spinarak/Ariados
Paras/Parasect: SOLD
Kanghaskan (baby out of pouch): SOLD
Venonat/Venomoth: $12
Ledyba/Ledian/Spinarak/Ariados: SOLD

Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra: SOLD
Starly/Staravia/Staraptor: SOLD
Buneary/Lopunny: $5
Unown (H-I-J-K-L-M-N): $8

Close-up: Celebi
Dialga: $10 (HOLD)
Raikou, Suicune: SOLD
Entei (no base), Celebi: $6 each

Close-up: Both Togepi Lines
Shieldon/Bastidon: $6
Cresselia, Aerodactyl: $8 each
Egg/Togepi/Togetic: SOLD
Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss: SOLD
(Or take both Togepi lines for $20)

Hoothoot/Noctowl: SOLD
Ash/Jirachi (Jirachi has wrong peg... doesn't really fit): SOLD

Hasbro "Attack" Action Figures in really great shape (purchased MIP a few years ago): $15 each

Vinyl Zekrom/Reshiram- excellent condition with hang tags: $10 each (Take both for $16)
B/W Tour Zekrom/Reshiram Pins- very good condition: $3 each (Take both for $4)

Back of Items
Johto Starters Bottle Figures: SOLD
ADORABLE Johto Lollipop toppers (Toto has some scruffs): SOLD

Back of items
Mystery Dungeon Chikorita house (w/flower Chikorita and mailbox): SOLD
Chikorita Bank, Chikorita Talking Keychain (needs batteries), Chikorita Minicot, Meganium Pencil Topper, Chikorita/Meganium Keychain: $4 each
Chikorita "bead" (supported by cube), Chikorita suction cup, Chikorita Pencil Topper: $2 each
Itsy Bitsy Chikorita figure (in front of suction cup): $1
BOOTLEG Chikorita and Meganium TOMY figures: $1 each or free with purchase

Back of items
Totodile w/ bouy (shakes when you pull it out): SOLD
Totodile Thinkchip, Croconaw Banpresto stamp (not inked): SOLD
Totodile with parachute (never used): SOLD
Totodile Stadium figure (hold), Croconaw Stadium figure, JUMPING! Totodile figure (Hold), Totodile Suction Figure (Hold): $2 each

Remote-controlled Cyndaquil (works perfectly!): SOLD
Thinkchip Cyndaquil, Cyndaquil rubber coin purse, Cyndaquil candy grabber: SOLD
Cyndaquil Raft Figure, Silver Typhlosion figure (used condition), Typhlosion Charm: $3 each
Mini Cyndaquil figure: $2
Cyndaquil Gear Thing..., Typhlosion round thing: $1 each

Back of items
Nidoking Wind-up Figure, Nidoran M Coin Bank: $5 each
Nidoking Keychain, Clear Nidoking FCS, Nidoking FCS (pinker purple), Nidoking FCS (w/stand, more blue), Nidoran M Keychain, Nidoking Jar Lid: $2 each
Nidoking mini model (yellow), Nidoran M mini model (yellow), Nidoran M FCS (bluer), Nidoran M FCS (pinker): $1 each

Back of items
Nidoran F Coin Bank: $5
Nidoran F FCS, Nidoqueen FCS, Nidoran Blox: $2 each
Nidorina Mini Models (Red, Clear Red, Yellow, Blue): $1 each

Rhydon KFC figure: $4
Rhydon Jakks Figure, Rhyhorn 151 Banpresto Stamp (uninked), Rhydon 151 Banpresto Stamp (uninked): $3 each
Rhydon Mini Model (Yellow), Rhydon FCS (Bluer), Rhydon FCS (gray x2), Rhyperior figure, Clear Rhyhorn Kid (yellowish, gray): $1 each
Rhyhorn Mini Models (Metallic Red, Green, Clear Red), Rhyhorn FCS (one w/ base), Rhydon FCS (Clear Yellow): $1 each

TOMY Wind-up Rhydon model (unbuilt, in box): $8
TOMY Wind-up Rhydon model (built): $5

Rattata Metal Stamp/Magnet: $5
Rattata Keychain, Rattata FCS (w/ base): $2 each
Small Ratata figure: $1 or free with purchse
Take all Rattata items for $6

Flareon Stamp (inked): $12
Flareon FCS: $4

MIP TOMY Figure Sets: $5 each

MIP Pikachu/Raichu set: $12
Squishy Lure Ball, Popping Open Pokeball: $2 each
Clear Pokeball, Lollipop top Great Ball: $1 each

Chikorita/Meganium napkins (sealed): $6
Serperior Bottlecap, Mareep TFG, Ho-Oh Pre Order, Arceus Figure: $4 each
Electivire TOMY, BOOTLEG Togepi Figure: $1 each

Super Awesome Female Pikachu Promo Badminton set!! MIP- actual packaging is a bit roughed up, but unopened! $25

VERY RARE Movie 4 Tyranitar Charm- excellent condition: $15


Back of plush
MWT Pokemon Center Reshiram/Zekrom: SOLD

Super Squishy Piplup (excellent condition, no hang tag): $20
Shaymin DX Banpresto Plush (excellent condition, both tags): $15

Chikorita TOMY plush (MWT): $20
Banpresto Chikorita, Hasbro Cyndaquil plush: $12 each
Hasbro Chikorita plush, Large Reversible Chikorita, Cyndaquil Friends Plush: $5 each
Small Reversible Chikorita: $4

Noctowl Pokedoll (tush tag, very good condition): SOLD
2005 Lucario Pokedoll (Excellent condition with hang tag): $30
Piplup Pokedoll (tush tag- great condition): $15
Palkia Pokedoll (tush tag), Zorua Pokedoll (MWT): $12 each

Banpresto Toretta (MWT): $25
PokeCenter Pidove (MWT), PokeCenter Munna (MWT): $9 each
TOMY Shaking Totodile (has a cord you can pull and he shakes): SOLD

Jakks Wingull (MWT): $25
Jakks Shaymin (Land Forme, MWT): $12
Happiny (tush tag), Munna (MTW): $6 each

Talking Jakks Turtwig (works great, excellent condition): $8
Hasbro Ivysaur (used, but good condition): $6
Jakks Grotle, Jakks Budew, Toy Factory Turtwig (MWT): $4 each

Hasbro Corphish (Hold), Hasbro Azurill (so freaking cute!!): $6 each
Jakks Shellos (E/W): $4 each (or take both for $6)
Jakks Piplup: SOLD

Jakks Yanma (tush tag- excellent condition): $12
Jakks Butterfree: $8
KFC Zubat, Jakks Taillow, Jakks Starly, Hasbro Pichu: $4 each
Jakks Kricketot: SOLD

Mewtwo Keychain (used condition): $5
Applause Plush (good, used condition): $2 each
BK Poliwhirl: $1
SOLD: Sandshrew, Meowth

Unofficial (Bootleg pattern) Eeveelution Plush, all mint: $9 each
Or take all six for $45

Really cute Custom Plush by comm members~
Quilava: SOLD
Nidorino: $8

Beat up plush... Mantyke have sun damage, Hoothoot's foot met a dog, and Pikachu is very loved
$1 each or free with purchase (may raise shipping)

Flats and Misc

Latias/Latios Player Starter Set (decks sealed, kit opened, no booster pack): $10
Serperior Black & White Theme Deck, Sealed: SOLD

Contents: Umbreon Deck   |   Espeon Deck
INCOMPLETE HS Undaunted Theme Decks- Umbreon and Espeon cards missing from each set. May include other various cards. At least 60 cards in each deck box. Comes with rule book and players mat. Please see "Contents" images for card spread.
$3 each or take both for $5

Pokemon Center Lucario/Mew Movie Pencils: $2 each
Old School Gen 1 Pens (never used): $0.50 each

Totodile, Crocanaw Papercraft: $3 each
Nidoran M/F Papercraft (still on sheet): $2 each
All others (used, may have slight tears): $1 each

Stack of Gen 1 Stickers (over 40 stickers): $2

B/W Tour Paper Sun Visors: $2 each
SOLD: Oshawott

Odds & Ends

DX Torterra Figure: $3
Squirtle Thinkchip, Geodude Thinkchip, BK Mewtwo w/capsule (capsule very scruffed, Mewtwo doesn't light up): $2 each

Marshtop Hasbro Figure: $2
Grovyle, Blastoise Capsule figures: $1 each
Jakks Sudowoodo, Jakks Wormadam, Misc. Turtwig: $0.50 each

Everything $0.50 or (1) Free with Purchase
SOLD: Piplup Jakks, Meowth, Golem, Articuno, Piplup Kid, Angry Pika

Playsets: $1 each
Everything else $0.50 each or (1) Free with Purchase

SOLD: Golem Coin, Talking Pokedex

Tags: cards, chikorita, cyndaquil, eevee, eeveelution, eeveelutions, espeon, figures, flareon, jolteon, nidoking, nidoqueen, nidoran, plush, rattata, rhydon, rhyhorn, sales, shaymin, totodile, tyranitar, umbreon, vaporeon, zukan
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