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Very Very Overdue Collection Post!

I figured summer vacation was a good time to finally get my re-introduction-come-update finished. I keep starting, then ordering something and bam, my update is out of date. Do'h!

So hi! Anyone new around here (or old hands), I'm Doc (female or neutral pronouns, as I know that name doesn't give itself away!). I live in the south of the UK, pretty close to London, and I collect far too many things. Like really. Pokémon, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Levi, Peacocks, Horses, Fish... The list goes on! I need a bigger house, I swear, and a lottery win wouldn't go amiss...

Where Pokémon is concerned, I collect fairy pokémon (particularly Spritzee-line, Flabebe-line, Slurpuff-line and Xerneas), Omanyte/star, Keldeo, Happiny-line and Shieldon/Bastiodon. I've been mainly focusing on my Fairy pokémon collections lately, so I won't be including the others in my update, but I will be finishing my collection site with all my photos soon.

All the fairy flowers! I'm going to try and complete this collection. Floette is my absolute favourite pokémon, so collecting this line is a huge joy to me. The big custom plush is by ambertdd, and the little felted one I made.

Cotton fluffs! The pokédoll is AMAZING. Get one if you can! I picked up the necklace at a convention, it's so cute.

Fairy Deer was a firm GenVI favourite right from his reveal. I love how detailed all his merch is!

Everyone else, plus an interloper. Amaura was a surprise love, but the pokédoll is flawless. All my fairies are pretty damn flawless, but the Diancie pokécen plush is my absolute favourite - she's so soft and detailed, too!

Also, the Mawile pokétime plush is fantastic. She's just adorable in person, I am so happy to have her! One day I'd love to pick up the pokétime strap to match her too.

The custom Jigglypuff was made by finniee, and she's so soft. Hoooo. And the Spritzee plush? GET ONE. ASAP. PERFECTION.

Last things last, I have goodies for sale!

- I ship from the UK anywhere in the world. Shipping is pretty expensive though, feel free to ask for a quote before you commit.
- I was given sales permission by old mod lineaalba in December 2009. My feedback is largely under previous usernames carriesagun or dr_banner.
- PayPal only please
- I will hold for 24 hours!

Blitzle TOMY plush, MWT - $15

Zebstrika Banpresto Plush, MWT - $14

Bliztle MPC, MWT - $12

Lotto towelling drawstring bag, MIP - $15 (Double sided)

Tepig TCG Figure - Like New - $4

Pokémon Rumble Figures (Shaymin is like new, Genesect has been damaged - he still stands though!) - $3 each, both for $4:50

Jolteon kid and Ippai figures - like new - $3 each or both for $4:50

Keldeo mini-pokédoll (MWT - these never had hang tags) - $15

GenI fossils zukan - like new - $35 (Hard sell ;;)

Pracoro dice set - complete and like new except 1 Chansey is missing - $10

Big pracoro dice set, complete and like new - $10
2014-08-05 01.00.58 pm
Sylveon Pokémon with You badge - $6
Tags: aerodactyl, collection update, jolteon, kabutops, omastar, sales, sylveon, zukan
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