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Bootleg question

Hi there,
I wonder if my Salamence plush is legit. Maybe anybody who also owns this kind of plush can help me? :)


I got it quite a while ago from Ebay from a Spanish seller. He wasn't using a stock photo for the auction - or at least not the normal type of stock photos with just a plain white background behind the plush. The Salamence could be seen sitting on a chair instead. However, when the package arrived it came directly from China :/

You can see the stitching, but in most places it's done correctly. One exception is between the wings (see photos below.)
The body looks fine to me, firm stiffing, no deformities etc.
However, it doesn't have a string attached to its head like it is supposed to, I believe?
It came without a hang tag (which is fine with me).
But it has a tush tag: Banpresto 2010. There are photos included in the cut.

P1180526 P1180528

P1180527 P1180529

Now, what do you think? :)
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