Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My package from Oyatsu Cafe!

Hello again everybody, today I received my package from oyatsu cafe and I will share it with you! ^^ I was so happy to finally get it (it took some weeks to arrive to me) Look under the cut what delicious candys and cool pokemon things I got and for a little photostory!
Thanks for looking and feel free to comment anything you want! :D

Here I opened the package!

Only some small things I know xD (haven't had the money to buy more xD)

So here are all things together - the packages looks so delicious! Can't wait to taste them and see what pokemon stickers I get!

First the soup - I never had expected that theyre so small hahaha. And I got a cute sylveon sticker! The sticker is huge and looks very good I find. Also I found out that there is a card behind the sticker(?) (which is a littlebit odd): 20140805_182816

Maybe glue the sticker on the back of the card or on another piece of paper? o_o Both artworks looks great and adorable! Even though I'm not an eevee collector!

Pokemon soda bubblegums! I eat one and theyre delicious and taste very fresh. There are also cute little papers of pokemon...screenshots(?) from the x/y game?? Haha thats funny but theyre cool anyway!

Next one...I must try this neru neru nerune thing!! *-* To make this less boring, I take my ledyba plushie to help me with it! Because he can better japanese as me (it must not make sense why he can speak japanese - I mean...he is a pokemon xD)

He read the instruction for me...(yes it is so difficult for me to see from the pics, I could never do this by myself xD)

Now he start with the big package where is only a white pulver inside!

...then he take a littlebit water and mixed them together...and it turned in blue!!

Now ledyba let me throw in the last pack - also white pulver!

After mixing again - it turned in pink - OMG!

Now it looks veeery delicous!

At least here comes the green bag with the colorful sparkly candys!

Finished!! Looks so good and was a lot of fun! Tastes a littebit like very sweet grape and bubblegum flavoures!

Oh no, please stop eating all the candys!! Ahhhhhhhh! xO

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