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A new kind of Poke Pan ?

Hello collectors !

So apparently, there's a new kind of packages for Poke Pan ? I found that on Tumblr, which was redirected from a japanese person's twitter. The text says :

" Big news! Banzai! Pokemon bread Nakagawa Shoko is released ! We have drawn illustrations from the package today! I drew a Weavile and Ninfia! I also wrote letters of Pokemon crepe steamed cake pineapple flavor. Please eat it! "

( ... I just remembered that Weavile was one of my favorite Pokemon when I was younger. ;^; )

Poke Pan wrappers are so rare on Ebay. A week ago or so, there was a Sylveon one for sale. People were bid-fighting over it ! Maybe one of you got it ! My father would think I'm crazy if I asked him to allow me to bid on an empty bread package, but...well.

Just wanted to spread the word ! This could be a neat item for Sylveon/Weavile collectors.

Thank you !
Tags: sylveon, weavile
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