alvagc122 (alvagc122) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Attention all Raichu Lovers!!

Umm hi everyone, i made a phone call to Toys N' Joys because of my Ambipom plush xDD and i asked if they had any Raichu plushes...
They said they where getting the UFO DX version of the Evolution Chain!!! I asked when and he said next week!!

Gosh im finally gonna get my Raichu!! And well i hope you are Toys N' Joys trusters... (can anyone explain why you hate them?) and if youre not you should be cuz the plushes are gonna be.... (DRUMS...)

$24.00!! Thats cheap for a UFO plush!!!

So lets cross fingers so they arrive soon!! i will order mine very soon!! (I hope they are not lying...)
Tags: raichu
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