Senrai (sennrai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Metal Wants :O

Thought I'd make a list of all the metal things I'm looking for to see if anyone's got any of them. Fingers crossed! (images borrowed from Google search)

absol tradingcoins all colors
Absol Trading Coins (any color)

Zoroark coins (gold, silver, copper, black)Pokemon metal collection zoroark medal (gold, silver, bronze, brass)
Zoroark Coins (any color) and Pokemon BW1 Metal Collection Zoroark Medals (just gold or bronze)

Lucario Pressed Penny

Pokemon Metal Collection Honedge Gold
Pokemon XY2 Metal Collection Honedge Gold Version

Any help with any of these would make me want to high five you at least a hundred times :D
Tags: wanted
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