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Collection Update!

Well, summer is drawing to a close, and I have all my summer gets in! I figured it was about time I did a collection update. Last time I did a video and it was so much fun I wanted to do it again!

My collection has grown a fair bit! I have several of my grails now ^_^

I wanted to sort of showcase my newest gets, as well as answer any potential "where did that custom come from?" questions! So, under the cut, I have pictures of everything I've gotten since my last collection update! (and yes, those are my k-pop albums in the background: it's a perfect place to take pictures, my coaster is like a little platform!)

I think I had bought these when I made my last collection update, but didn't actually have them in hand yet. Pokemon Polly Pockets! I know there are more out there, but these three are particularly dear to me because I remember having them when I was little. I don't know where my originals went, so I re-bought these ^_^

Chespin Pokedoll! I got him in Vulpes_canis' group buy! (I think I had bought him, but didn't have him in hand last time)

I know I already posted about her, but she's too perfect to not post again: growlithe canvas! I got her in the Whale of a Tale GA.

Kriket the Beedrill custom! Vulpes_canis made her; I didn't know a beedrill could be so cute! Even though they kind of scare me (I'm afraid of wasps and hornets) she was so cute I couldn't resist!

Don the Ryhorn! A Vulpes_canis custom! I fell in love with him a long time ago and finally bought him from her.

I think I might have posted about her before too: Pip the Helioptile Pokedoll!

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BABY GIRL! 1:1 Caterpie custom, by Vulpes_canis! She is so perfect and soft and wonderful, I could go on about her forever!

Thor the HQ DX Raichu! Look at that happy face!

Basil the button jointed Ratatta! (My first custom that's not from Vulpes!) Xzeeko made him, isn't he adorable?

So this group I got from (if I remember right) Dezi_Kitsune! I mainly wanted the moving Togepi figure (another re-buy from what I can't find of my childhood toys!) but that Poliwag was just adorable, and I gave the cubone to Vulpes_canis!

Jinki the custom Growlithe! I got her from Vulpes_Canis' simplified blind bag sale! She's so precious, I love her to bits!

I AM ALSO BEYOND EXCITED ABOUT THIS SWEET BABY! She had become a grail for me, I wanted her so badly! Chikai, my Espurr WANTED plush! She was a present to myself for finishing up my online class, so I just got to open up the box yesterday!

That's all for now! Thank's so much for looking; if you have any questions/comments feel free to ask! 
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