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PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES - a collection update

Hi, if you don’t remember me or are a newer member, I’m Growly!
Growlithe and Arcanine have been my absolute favorites since I first got into Pokémon when I was 12. I’m 27 now, and my collection has grown a lot over the years. :) It’s one of my pride n’ joys. I may not have time to scour Y!J and eBay all night like I used to, but I do keep up to date with any new puppy stuff coming out, and I’m always looking to fill in the gaps in my collection.

I haven’t posted a collection update in a long time, but I’ve been keeping all my new additions in a stash, just waiting for a time when I would feel motivated to actually document this stuff. Well, my petite Arcanine plushies arrived from Sunyshore today and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally show off a little. :D


Petite Arcanine plushies! :D As of this writing, you can get yours on Sunyshore!
These little guys are so dang cute. I got two, and I’m glad I did because the face on one is a littler derpy. Because these guys are so small, there’s a lot of room for variation depending on who sewed it and how much seam allowance they took.

SO TINY. And fuzzy.

Side view… they’re the same, but, like, different. Whoah.

Cute butts and feet!!! They have brown pawpads made of knotted thread- might be the same strings the toes are made of, interesting idea.

Beautiful and cute tag art :3 I will detach the tags as is my custom, but I’ll definitely keep them with my flats collection!

I pulled out Percival, my Banpresto UFO catcher Arcanine to compare with the petite Arcanines. They have very very similar patterns, especially on the body. Despite being smaller and a lil derpier, the petite plush is higher quality, IMO. The ufo catcher plush is kind of “fragile” due to having felt parts and glue holding pieces of fluff in place, versus the tiny plush which seems pretty indestructible upon a casual inspection.

Comparison of their footies and bellies :3 So similar!

I ALSO GOT THESE CUTIES in the mail recently. But Growly, you say, don’t you already have a Canvas Growlithe plush?

In fact, yes, I do! Feros and Sola were the first two I preordered with Sunyshore when they first came out in 2010. Then there was a promotion in which PokéCen goods were being sold at an event in Korea, so these beautiful plush were available again at reasonable prices, so I picked one up from a seller here, which resulted in Kora.

For the longest time I was happy with just three puppies, but I kept looking at people’s armies of their favorite plush, like furrettails’s TOMY Furrets and denkimouse’s Raichu Pokédolls. I wanted MORE, and everyone knows odd numbered groupings are more pleasing to the eye than even. *sage nod* So I decided I wanted two more, only I didn’t want to spend over a certain amount- I was more than happy to sit tight until the right deals came around.

Surprisingly enough, two of the "right deal" came up at the same time from two different sellers, so Ellie and Scout arrived within a few days of each other and now I have a pack of five pups! :D I joked to my husband that next I’m gonna want seven puppies, then nine, then a hundred. Growlithe sickness ;P

So here are my Growlithe and Arcanine plushies all together, minus a big Arcanine I keep forgetting to photograph because he’s too bigggggg.

Some more new gets, containers :D That darn plastic cup has been on my wishlist since DP came out… seven years ago ish?? The bowl is real ceramic- heavy and beautiful. The Meiji drink bottle is kinda oddball I know, but it’s really cool it has unique Growlithe art on it!

These tins are fake fake fake but still cute. They match another metal container I got a few years back. I just love how their clipart of Arcanine has a heart-shaped pawpad!

Fan-made PokéBox items, so beautiful and professional!

I used to own this shirt when I was a kid, but I grew out of it and my parents didn’t let me keep it for my collection. I’d been looking for another ever since, because it’s pretty freaking awesome. Was really happy to find this on eBay a while back, and in really excellent shape! I won’t wear it, better to have it as a display piece.

Some new figure additions, an overview pic! I already had an in-case Growlithe and Arcanine, but the color of this one was so unusual, I couldn’t resist- it looks shiny! Maybe it’s been sun-faded?

!!!SETCOMPLETER!!! Argh, I’d been after that last Arcanine die for years! They’re blind packaged as to which pose you get, and the dice sets themselves are rare these days… so it’s been a long search, one I’m glad is finally over! Sorry for the poor photo, these are SO hard to photograph.

Growlithe kid, the most recent one that was released. I say this is the best looking, most accurate Growlithe kids figure they’ve released yet, I really like it.

If I recall correctly, this is some kind of rare Peruvian Growlithe figure? Sharp eyes will notice they molded this figure with the tail upside-down! How unusual. It’s bigger than a mini model. I wonder if it came in a bunch of colors like mini models?

New flats and semi-flats! I won’t got into great detail about these.

This is why I bought this pencil btw :D

That’s the new pup stuff, here are some pictures of my whole Growlithe collection with the new items set up.

Sorry for the light reflections on these, I’ve had to put plastic over the lower shelves to keep my naughty little kitty out.

Aaand now for my side collections!
These aren’t updated a whole lot for lack of space and I have some new plushies I forgot to photograph, but here’s a little look at the other Pokémon I love. :D

All of my beautiful fire babies and some misc favorites. Gen 5 and 6 got me started collecting starters, I love it! They get so much stuff, it’s really easy to pick and choose the best merch to collect. :D
Also I realized somehow I misplaced my Vullaby kid???? How on Earth? D: I guess I gotta buy another! Anyone selling?

I also collect artwork by Tomokazu Komiya! :D I have a few books illustrated him including a charming looking book about mermaids. I am missing the Pikachu Oops tin illustrated by him though- looking to buy that as well. At some point I’ll figure out if I’m missing any 151 badges with his art as well, but that’s not high priority at the moment.

That’s it for now, hope this mega update makes up for my inactivity the past couple years. ^_^; If you have any questions about anything you see here, feel free to ask, I love talking about my collection!
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