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Zukan Group Buy?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has any interest in these Zukan? I must have a Dragonite zukan and am now prepared to put this whole deal together if there is enough interest. If you are interested, can you please reply with how much you are willing to pay (highest bid please) for your select Zukan? This bid does not mean you are locked in, or that we will get them, I just want to get an initial idea of numbers and I think the highest bid thing will work best in case there are a few people who want the same one. Shipping should only be a couple dollars within the U.S. and a bit more internationally depending on where you are. Hope you are all having a lovely evening (/day depending on your location:)!

Edit: Cut off time for bids/highest offers is now Tomorrow, October 1st at 9pm PST.  Thanks!

Edit #3: It's back on, with a vengence- get your super bidding gloves on guys!  And a super thank you to Kiraras Lemon for the help!  :-)


Available Zukan:

(1) Beedrill / Kakuna / Weedle : Teenbulma ($5-10)
(2) Diglett / Dugtrio :
(3) Poliwag / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath / Politoed : _nofuturenohope (10.00)
(4) Shellder / Cloyster : _nofuturenohope ($5.00)
(5) Drowzee / Hypno : Trainer Irene ($5.00)
(6) Krabby / Kingler : _nofuturenohope ($5.00)
(7) Elekid / Electabuzz : olesvenson ($5.00)
8) Mewtwo : ann chovi ($10)
(9) Unown :
(10) Swinub / Pilsowine :
(11) Delibird : Eggsterminatus ($10)
(12) Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite : iammyworld ($20.00)
Tags: group auction
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