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New shinys! :D Closer pics of Dratini and Drifloon under the cut along with something AWESOME.

Deck box is just a deck box but I have never had a proper one before so now I am happy to have one in time for Battle Roads which is THIS WEEKEND for me! :O :O I put a Munchlax sticker on the back. :D

Jaime is trading me a Zapdos, but I pulled one from a pack today so now I will have two! I am really happy I will definitely have one for my deck come Saturday. :D :D :D

The keychain was from norkia's groupbuy. :D I have always loved this item because of Dratini's blue eyes. n_n He is all mint condition! The Munchlax is a pan sticker I have been wanting for a while actually. I really really like that art of Munchie! :D Norkia also drew the cutie Dratini in the first picture. n_n

Flooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon <3 I loved Drifloon before it was cool. :P I have wanted a Drifloon thingy for a while but deemed the canvas plush too expensive and the pokeball plush too small. This one is just right! :D I felt so lucky to find it at the Walmart in my little college town. :D So soft. <3

Ani made me this and shipped delicious goodies in it! :D LOOK HOW AWESOME IT IS. I don't know if you saw any of my other posts on it but I have had the package since Friday and thank you so much! :D :D :D It will be incorporated into my Munchlax Shelf. n_n

Ani is so sweet and talented. <3

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