torotix (torotix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trade and Small Sales

Helloooo com! I haven't been around as much lately because of school, but I am still looking for this certain trade and would like to sell off some things I really don't want!

Again, I would love to find a mint, with or without tag, UFO Vaporeon 2013 Movie Banpresto plush for a trade. He looks like this:

In exchange, I would love to trade my European tagged tomy sylveon - EDIT: I have sold the plush I currently own, but I may be able to pick one up. If you would definitely be interested in that trade, I can find out next Saturday whether my home town has any stock left (It is a small town where I got my last plush so it's easier to get harder to find stuff).
I also have a mini pokemon center vaporeon AND sylveon mwt I can trade you in exchange.
Shipping plush for me is very expensive so if you feel you would like more added on to the trade I might only accept very small add-ons.
If Sylveon isn't your thing, I also have other items in my trade list here:

I am also looking to sell my remaining pokedoll charms, Blastoise and Mewtwo. They will be $17 each and include shipping anywhere. In brand new condition.
Tags: blastoise, mewtwo, sylveon, vaporeon
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