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New Pokedoll Gets

New Pokedoll Gets

Hi Everyone!

I got two new Pokedolls in the mail the other day! I could not be more impressed with the quality!

collection update aug1014 New Gets

With the exception of Greninja needing pants, I love these little guys. Diancie's material on her crystal parts seem harder than the usual minky material, and yet still soft enough to be plush. If anyone has a name for that cool material, I'd like to know it.

A couple more pics under the cut!

collection update aug1014 Brothers
Froakie finally has a big brother! They get along most of the time, but of course Greninja has to tease him sometimes.
collection update aug1014 All
This is my full Pokedoll collection up to date! It looks great so far, but I have to start looking for older, more elusive Pokedolls to fulfill some major wants.

The last cut is for fans of South Park!

collection update aug1014 Xmas Poop
It's Diancie the Christmas Poop!
I'm a huge fan of South Park, and for some reason I can't get out of my head that Diancie looks like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poop (or at least his girlfriend). lol
I even happened to have a tiny Christmas hat for her to wear and it seems to fit perfectly!

Thanks for reading everyone, take care and happy collecting!
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