Ali (accio_pond) wrote in pkmncollectors,

re-intro/gets/collection update! :)

Hey guys! Figured I'd do a re-introduction since I haven't been around the comm a lot lately (or at least not as much as usual) plus I have some new gets/collection update to share with you guys!

I'm accio_pond, but you can just call me Ali. I've been apart of the comm for a year and a couple months, which is crazy to think about! I mainly collect Raichu/Pikachu, Pokedolls, and TCG! But I do have a lot of other random stuff in my collection haha. I've gotten more into the competitive side of the Pokemon VGC recently, so if anyone wants to battle/exchange FCs let me know! Also I'm really into Kpop if you couldn't tell by my icon/s... anyway enough about me, and onto the story/pics under the cut! :D

First I'll start with the gets! My birthday was yesterday and surprisingly I got something Pokemon related! (My family basically thinks Pokemon is for kids :p)

A Froakie plush and Rayquaza FULL ART EX!!!! They're both from my little cousin, he apparently picked out the Froakie because "Froakie is his favorite." Me too! :D #teamfroakie
The Rayquaza was actually a surprise, we all went out to dinner and he brought a Reshiram EX Tin filled to the brim with cards. We were looking through them together and I saw this card and geeked, so he was like "it's your birthday, you can have it!" I geeked out even more. Best cousin ever.

Here's some closeups/other pics of my gets


Here's my mini Rayquaza collection, hopefully I can get the Rayquaza Pokedoll soon. It's been on my wants foreverrr. I've wanted one since it was released haha. The other card in this pic is the Rayquaza EX Tin Promo.

More Froakie! Here's the (Tomy?) Froakie compared to the (PC?) Froakie. The (Tomy?) Froakie is bigger and a different fabric obviously, but still a great plush for any Froakie collectors out there!

ONTO THE COLLECTION UPDATE! I reorganized my shelf again and figured I'd post the pics up here.

Here's the beginning of me trying to reorganize everything...

And here's the final product! I finally moved all the manga I had on the left side to another shelf, so I have more room for plush! In my last update I had a lot of my TCG displayed, but this time around I kept them in my binder.

Here are some closeups,

Thanks for reading if you made it down this far! Hope you enjoyed my update post! :D

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