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Modpost - Rule Reminder

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful summer. I'm here to give a reminder to all of you about some of our more commonly broken rules (and I made it all pretty to help you guys remember). Even veteran members make mistakes, don't feel worried if you're contacted by a mod about something! We don't bite, I promise.

We haven't had one of these in quite a while, so I'm here to give you a quick reminder about some of the more common rules being broken in posts as of late. If you are uncertain about something while making your post, you can always refer to our rules and guidelines.

Also remember the mods are here to help, if you have a question don't hesitate to shoot one of us a PM. You can also find our other contact information on the Moderator Contact Page!

Do not alter the font of your entire post.
Please remember the only alterations you're allowed to make are bold, italics, underline and strikethrough!

Do not post more than once per 24 hours.
Our community is extremely large, and by posting multiple times per day you are cluttering up the front page. The only exception to this is if you’re posting about newly announced merchandise. Otherwise, your post will be deleted. This rule does not mean you should post once a day every day. Please do not do this unless every single post has new and original material.

Also please remember with the upcoming release of ORAS, game information is not merchandise news! Any game leaks, new pokemon or evolutions announced are considered off-topic and a discussion thread will be posted by a moderator.

Remember to post your sales permission information!
Be sure to always include two important things: Which mod approved you for sales permission (and when, if possible), and a link to your feedback page. You will be asked to please add these if you forget. Please also include clear and easy to find rules for your sales! This will help your buyers immensely with any questions they might have.

You may not post advertising, promoting, praising or endorsing any bootleg goods
This community does not support bootlegs! If your post contains information solely about a bootleg it will be deleted by a moderator. You are welcome to have bootlegs in your collection and a collection update post can contain bootleg pictures, but if the post is just about a bootleg then it is not allowed.

Do not repeatedly post the same sales to the community.
Either update your sales post or don’t update the community. No one wants to see the same ten items over and over. Only post your sales when you have made a dramatic change to stock or prices.

This applies to wishlists as well! We all want to find our grails but posting the same wants each week will not help them get found faster. You are more than welcome to add wants and wishlists onto posts such as collection updates and gets.

Keep all images outside the cut 500px by 500px.
If your un-cut images are over 1000 pixels large, please resize the image's canvas size down to 500 pixels or less. That way its file size will also be reduced. Using HTML to shrink an image does not change its file size, so please do not use that unless your picture is under 1000 pixels. This is to reduce computer slowdowns for people with slower Internet speed.

Also a reminder about our tutorial section! If you have a question about something you should always refer to these tutorials before making a post about it!

Have something else to add? Let me know in the comments below! Questions? Ask away.

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