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Hi everyone! My name is Kayla and I'm a brand new Pokemon collector! I started a few months ago because of all the cute plushies of Pokemon I kept seeing on tumblr. I decided I wanted some of my own then I realized how many great offical Pokemon merch there is, so I decided to start collecting!! I've always liked Pokemon, I can't remember when exactly I started liking it (my brother pushed it onto me from the moment I was born which was the year it came out I'm pretty sure.) I've played every generation of games and watched all the generations of the anime. As you can probably tell from my username I'm really, really obsessed with Sylveon. It's my ultimate fav Pokemon and its going to be my main collection. Other favourite poke's I'm going to collect are Minccino, Celebi, and Pichu. At the moment I'm looking for Sylveon plushies mostly~

august 2014 666
So here's the start of my collection!
Eevee, Umbreon, Espeon, and Dragonite are all bootlegs I got from a local store. I had just decided to collect plushies at the time and had no idea about bootlegs, so I bought them thinking they were the real deal since they looked close to the real thing and sadly they turned out to be bootlegs... The big Pikachu is just from winning a game at a carnival and the small one is from when I was a kid. So the only plushies that are legit are the Chespin and Fennekin (which I got from Toys R Us) as you can see its a super tiny collection and I'm excited to make it grow!!!
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