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Offers on 1st and 2nd gen TOMY figures some small straight sales

Hello all :] Hope everyone is having a good week! I've got some TOMY figures up for straight sale today and also taking offers on a few rarer ones. Also have some other straight sales which include XY die and rubber charms as well as an elusive lunch bag so feel free to check the cut below!

  1. All Pkmncollectors rules rules apply

  2. By placing an order in the comments you agree to have read and abide by my rules as well as the rules of Pkmncollectors

  3. Granted sales permission on June 10th, 2014 by allinia. My feedback page can be found ➭ Here

  4. Payments are required within 24 hours of sales confirmation after a quote is given. If payment isn't received within 24 hours, the item will get re-listed

  5. I ship from Japan and I ship world-wide!

  6. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees Unless stated otherwise

  7. All orders are shipped via Airmail by default and will be shipped within 5-7 business days after payment is received. Airmail usually takes 7-14 business days to arrive from Japan *depending on where you live, and allow 3-7 business days for EMS express shipping. *Estimate is for North America, Europe, and Asia excluding Italy and remote islands.

  8. EMS shipping which includes tracking and insurance is available upon request and starts at $15

  9. Only accepted form of payment is Paypal

  10. Write your Username in your payment details

  11. All shipping is from a Smoke-free Pet-free home!

  12. Generally no holds, but depending on the circumstance and your community feedback I can be flexible

  13. Commitments will get priority over quotes, Please be specific in your comment

  14. Please do not back out of a sale. This can be easily avoided by Asking for a quote first, or If you are only committed as long as certain items are available, Please specify that by stating: 'Only committed if (X) or (All) are available.' Backing out of a sale is against community rules and will result in appropriate feedback.

  15. Haggling is accepted for today's sales

  16. I currently do not accept trades

  17. I can't be held responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit, nor can I offer full refunds. I do not have replacements for TOMY figures so If you are worried about your figures or are ordering from certain countries in Europe or South America I highly recommend EMS shipping which includes tracking and insurance and is available upon request. EMS starts at $15

  18. Added packing paper, bubble wrap, or foam wrap for figures is an additional $0.50

Figures up for offers!
I'd like to end offers before the weekend Japan time (a day ahead of NA) since I'll be out of town so I'll be taking the highest offer once 24 hours have passed since the last bid.

Feel free to make your own threads for these and make sure that you reply to the offer thread for the item you're interested in if it's already been started.

Photo 2014-08-13 1 24 09
Omanyte, Tentacool, and Donphan TOMYs: Would like to start offers on these for $10 each

Photo 2014-08-13 1 24 38
Details: Donphan is a bit beat up but proud to say he's the real deal (he's apparently quite hard to find legit). Tentacool's base is a bit yellow but not awfully so, and Omanyte has some markings but is definitely cleanable with a good face!

Photo 2014-08-13 1 57 13
Corsola, Tentacruel (MIB) and Shellder start at $6 each

Details: Shellder and Corsola are quite beat up, shellder has some damage on the tongue and markings on the top of the shell. A bit dirty inside the face with some chipped paint on the left eye.
Corsola is also a bit beat up with some markings and a bit of missing paint on some of the limbs.

Photo 2014-08-13 1 25 19
Ampharos and Seadra start at $4 each
Seadra's box is a bit beat up and Ampharos is in great condition but has some spots that need to be cleaned.

The rest are for straight sale:

Photo 2014-08-13 1 21 29
Top left out of box TOMY figures are $3 each
MIB Tomy figures Eevee, Slowbro and light up Pikachu keychain are all $4 each

Cyndaquil, Poliwhirl and Snubbull are in excellent condition but need some cleaning. Staryu has ware on the paint particularly a spot worn down on the red center gem. Pictures available upon request.

Photo 2014-08-13 1 19 32
Eeveelution TOMY Figures all new versions are mint
Eevee $4
Flareon $5
Vaporeon $5
Glaceon $6
Leafeon $6
Jolteon 1 $8
Jolteon 2 $6
Jolteon 2 has some paint missing on the nose and a bit of what looks like colored pencil markings on the white mane and a dark marking near the tail but I think with some cleaning/polishing these should wash away.
Umbreon 1 $8
Umbreon 2 (Two slight spots of paint missing on feet, otherwise mint) $6

Photo 2014-08-13 1 27 16
Vibrant rubbery psychic charms which can be link connected on the bottom :]
Meowstic M, Slowking, Jynx: $8 each
Gardevoir $4
Wobbuffet is $2.50
Multiples available for some so feel free to ask!

Photo 2014-05-18 13 58 35
Plastic nylon-twill PVC Green Pikachu (lunch?) bag is $8
No idea where this was originally sold or released but it's Made in Japan and shelf price on the tag is written as $19.

Photo 2014-05-18 13 58 14
Back. Measures at about 7x8 inches

Photo 2014-03-25 22 23 18
Photo 2014-03-25 22 25 39
Photo 2014-03-25 22 23 33
Photo 2014-03-25 22 23 47
Photo 2014-03-25 22 24 17
Photo 2014-03-25 22 23 59
Labeling based on their faces for number 4 and you can see each face by looking at the pictures in respective collums per die.
Spritzee die (Chesnaught, Scatterbug, Yveltal, Marill, Snorlax): $4
Meowstic (F) die (Chespin, Talonflame, Bulbasaur, Fletchling, Lucario): $8
Inkay die (Froakie, Dedenne, Bulbasaur, Vivillon, Garchomp): $8
Furfrou die (Dedenne, Spewpa, Xerneas, Wigglytuff, Rhyhorn): $6

Thanks for looking!
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