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Hello! I actually wanted to post my collections in my first post, but I was expecting a package from CS any day, and I didn't want to clog the community with posts. So, I just went ahead and made my intro.

Well, I got the package the same day I made my post! ^.^;;
Other than that, I've been a bit lazy about taking the pictures and such, but now I can finally show you all my collections! Take a look! *note: the quality of the pictures isn't the best. Sorry about that!*

So, I'll start things off by showing you my shelves! They're very small, but for now they house my collections really well.

Collection Shelves

Next are the floons! I've loved these guys since the moment I laid eyes on them! Okay, well, Drifblim did take me a while to like, but now I think I like him more than Drifloon. *Official drifblim plush PLZ*

Floon Collection

My shiny Drifloon kid! I made him myself, using acrylic paint and clear nail polish XD. I know the blue is a bit off, but I like the way he turned out anyway.

Shiny Floon

Shiny floon sticker!


Next are my penguins. My Prinplup Jakks plush was a lucky find! I found him in KB Toys, and when I saw him I hugged him to my chest like a crazy person!



My Electrics! I have a soft spot for a lot of electric pokemon, especially Raichu and Rotom.


A closer look at my chus. I don't have very many, but they're all so cute! The artwork was on one of my Sunyshore packages from heerosferret.

Raichu Collection

My DX Plush! He's so soft and huggable, I almost want a second one!

Raichu Plush

Last on my shelves are my cherries. CUTE. That's all I have to say XD.


Now for my pathetic eeveelutions collection, consisting of the Leafeon Keshipoke *Thank you Amazon!* and Flareon mini-cot *Thank you heerosferret!*. I hope to get more eeveelutions stuff in the future, but for now this is it XD. The Umbreon was made by me in a fit of boredom, and the Flareon was on another Sunyshore package!!


Eevelutions Art

This isn't really part of my collection, but I thought I'd post it anyway. My puff bag! I use it whenever I travel anywhere...

Puff Bag

And finally, my Skymins! This is my largest collection to date, with more coming! The DX Kid, DP8 Kid, Clear TOMY, and friends plush are from Sunyshore, and the rest were either from Ebay or Y!J.

Skymin Collection 2

Skymin Collection 1

These posters are awesome! For now they are being stored until I can properly hang them.

Plush Poster

Movie Poster

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed looking at my collections!

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