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The gets: Card pulls and trades

Once everyone posted about the Pokemon: Furious Fists packs I got hooked and bought me 3.
I got these babies at Target, sadly I couldn't find any at Walmart. So also check your Target everyone~ ^-^
Sadly I opened all 3 to try my luck, sorry my favorite poketuber, I will buy you one. xD
But overall I am so happy with my pulls!~

Oh and before I forget I did a trade with a poketuber along with a get from Glacidea.

Lets open the card packs!

Ahh so I opened 3 packs and here are the gets~
I got the full art EX on my 1st pull! but that will be given to my bf.
Then I finally got the Eevee card on my 3rd pack opening, YUSH!
I will admit I will be opening more of these, I love the card design x3

Now for the community gets~

I know I bought this figure from someone on here, but I forgot to leave feedback and of course I delete a lot of my old messages. So if I bought this figure from you and you want me to leave feedback please let me know! :3
Ahh I love this Houndour plush! Her bow is so adorable~
I got this plushie from: Glacidea.
Even though the wait was very long I am over-all very happy to have finally receive my plushie. I hope everyone else got theirs as well.

Now for the trade!

Ahh so I traded a few figures with I<3Milq, and they sent me all these adorable items!
I love the custom car, they gave me some Japanese cards, and of course I traded for their adorable custom keychains. <3
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