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Busy Klefki! Gets, something Wanted, and Sales

Its been quite a crazy season for klefki as of late, and thankfully I was able to get a few of the things that were just too cute to pass up

I reallllyyyy loved how the keyrings looked! So I naturally had to get more than one! xD Now if only I could find a way to display these any better... The keychain too had a lot of beautiful detail and was a lot bigger/even heavier than I thought too! xD But dat figure... Oh gosh I almost died when I saw it. I probably should have gotten more than one, butttt it won't be a top priority.

I was also wondering if anyone knew where I could get the MPC Klefki plush for a decent price. I've only seen it going for $25 or so, and I really don't feel its worth that. I thought about going to a middleman site, but when that's really all you want, it's not worth going on there and spending all the extra money on fees and shipping and whatnot.

If anyone has a Klefki MPC plush they're willing to sell for less or know someone who has one that they're selling, I would very much appreciate being thrown in that direction! ^^

Also take a look at my shop! I'm open to fair haggling at the moment! Click the link under the doofy banner to be brought there!


Thank you very much for your time! ^x^
Tags: gets, klefki, sales
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