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I find that it'd be rude not to introduce myself so I'm Amanda, 26 and from Belgium.

I used to be a vivid collector when I was younger (those were the days of red and blue I guess we can do the math haha) and simply growing up, moving out, moving and moving again most of what I had collected got lost/donated etc so here I am again beginning anew and hoping to find a lot of fun like minded peiple here along the way.

My current collection is extremely small and I don't even have a combined picture (I shall make one when I'm home to share)
Vulpix is my real weakspot and Ninetales along that but I've already noticed It's hare to find much of them. I dig a lot of fire-types and mostly fox/dog/horse like pokemon.

I'm not sure what else to include here but I also have 4 dachshunds, my real life pokemon so to say. I also collected far too many dachshund related stuff already and tons of games (I may have an collecting issue haha) But I hope to fit in here anyway and grow my collection :)

Picture I had on my phone of my 2 little foxies :)


And added this for fun 2 of my doxies on diglett hunt ;)
Tags: fennekin, vulpix
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