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Metagross trainer merchandise?

Hello community!

Recently I watched the movie “Destiny Deoxys“ and I thought one character is pretty cool. She’s called Rebecca and has a Metagross. No I wonder if there is some official merchandise of them. I know some of you collect human characters from the anime, so maybe I’m lucky and someone knows about her?


In case anyone is interested, I noticed how different identical figures can be. The example: I own four of same Giratina figures, all of them are legit. None of them is really identical. Each has its own imperfections.

That’s how the four of them look like. There are coloring mistakes, glue and marks on the surface. The last two pictures show that there are even slight differences in the sculpturing: The claws don’t have the same distance. I thought that coloring mistakes are a common thing with bootlegs, but official figures are also concerned.

1 2

3 4

5 6

7 8

9 10
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