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Collection update, very special one involving a YJ box

Well I wasn't expecting to do a collection update so soon.. but something VERY special came up.. And well, this tells the story~!

~ What eevee here looks.. out of place and new~! :D


OOH A BOX I LOVE BOXES... and toilet roll apparently ( and my fiances totally hiding the address XD )
I dont order ANYTHING off YJ, unless its super duper important or one of those - oh my god - moments.
This, was kinda both...
I had to keep it so quiet because I didn't want anyone else to see it, but I found a super duper cheap BIN on mbok... Now shall we see whats in this box?IMG_20140813_183119
I had to go pick it up, and the new parcel force place is nearly 10 miles away.. and being pregnant and tired this wasn't going to be a fun journey.. But it was SO worth it
Oh, pretty little cups.. Wait is this the lotto set? What could this mean...

Everything came in duplicate, 4 towels.. So I got some out, they are SUPER soft! Im going to let my daughter use one I think <3 They are really that soft~10603129_812778975407808_1917259691_n
Two cups, these are gorgeous but im still scared to use one.. The detail is lovely! - I swore I took two photos.. oh well! Ignore my sexy nails.. :/
Two plushies ( I bought one before... ) so now Ive got 3.. They are really cute. I love the blue ribbon on them, I may mod one and take the ribbon off~ that would be super


These little bows are precious. I originally thought they where hairclips but they are charms! Im going to stick one on an eevee I think :D

is this real life..
The lotto B prize eevee!! ITS SO SOFT AND FAT. I love it! it's so PRECIOUS ;_; He is SO SO worth this box.. I am so happy, if you collect eevee and get the chance to get one,
get it.. Its amazing.
I also got this today from my buddy. (( today is srsly eevee day for me ))

ARENT THEY ALL SO CUTE. Tbh, I did have all the little vees, the pillows I didnt have. It's so gorgeous and im now very happy to have them! . The artwork itself is just daww ;;
And the little head pillow is so neat! Im a super sucker for these things.

And some small bits I got during the week ~ if any of these came from you, just give me a nudge and i'll get that feedback sorted

I had to get the step ladder out just to get them to sit properlly.. oh gosh.. but they look okay. I think..!
Dat flash.. it does no justice.. poor babies

I also wanted to do a comparassion of the Aussie XY vee vs the japanese one. Tbh they seem like completely differant plush from the sides! The XY is so much bigger but the
face on the Japanese one is so much better.. They are both lovely <3

Some up close pictures of my collection, and some of my other little foxes who live under neath ( Who may have to move soon, these vees are out of controll! )
ALSO AS NORMAL. My wants are here http://eeveez.livejournal.com/940.html .. I am also really badly after a AG eevee plush. I've owned one before but when moving I think I've lost it.. Which is horrible ;c; I am in the UK As well so if you offer anything, just letting you know in advanced ^^
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