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So I was going to wait until GA items I won came in to do another gets post but that idea lasted all of 5 minutes. I'm just too excited, I have to share this little guy! Follow that cut to find out what it is!

Donphan Hasbro beanie plush! Ah!! I'm so excited to own this little guy! I didn't know he existed until about 5 or 6 months ago. And in that time I had never seen one for less than $50-until now! He showed up on eBay one day and I knew I had to have him!

I have a lot of "favorites" but I just can't pick one as my main favorite pokemon. Donphan is one of my favorites however and I love him! His design and concept are awesome and he's saved my tail in competitive battles. Sad he only had one plush but I knew I'd get him eventually.

its not mint and doesn't even have hang tag but I'm still glad to have it! He was a bit dirty but I'm cleaning him up. He does have a few marks on the leather parts of his back. I love him all the same.

Here he is with my Phanpy plushie! The family's all here! Haha, Phanpy laughs at how much bigger he is for a pre evo. (Phone was shaking when I took the photo I guess. I know Donphan's face looks strange lol.)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I love it!
Now, the only other main thing I'm after at the moment is a Heracross Combat figure. So again if anyone is offering one let me know. :D Thanks!
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