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Anyone else have a real thing for promos? + TCG trade? + Post your plush collections pls!

Seriously, look at their tags!

2 out of 3 of these promos are recent gets!

First up is the DX Litwick from the I Love Gothic series! His name is Nick Furry, because he is missing an eye and is very furry. His tush tag is my favourite by far. Just look at that Gengar!
The best thing about this little fella is that the minky on him is SO RIDICULOUSLY SOFT. He's like a mini cloud. And his pathetic little hands!!! Ugh. I love him to bits <3 I am one happy customer, thanks to the amazing schenzi!

Next up is the HQ DX Eevee from the I Love Eevee series! I wanted one SO SO BADLY and I'm so glad the lovely jessyistired agreed to sell and ship her to me for a price that I could afford :') I named her Beanz because when I first got her from she smelt like vanilla beans - and still does!! Like Nick, she's also missing an organ, but I've always hated noses anyway so I'm glad.

Now I know a tonne of people have these but, if you don't already own one, then I suggest you update your wants list. She's a pretty little thing, bigger than the regular DX, and possibly the 1:1? She's the perfect size and shape for cuddles and my only complaint would be that her neck ruffle isn't as soft as it looked in pictures (but it might be because this one was washed!). I think her tush tag really suits her too!

Finally, my sweet sweet Espurrtacus, who I've introduced to the comm before. I couldn't leave him out, and his Pokepuff tush tag is so.. elegant? Seriously though, I think it's the colour scheme.


I don't know guys, most of you seem to especially value hang tags, but I'm a bigger fan of promo tooshies myself.

On a semi-unrelated note, is anyone else really excited for the the line of Oops Espurrs?? I already can't say no to Espurrs as it is, but I'm imagining one of these bad boys and I'm loving it.

I've also accumulated a couple of other gets which I've stored below the cut...

These are MPCs and Friends plushes which I've found to be very good for display. This lot is from 2 separate sellers, but it was so long ago and I can't seem to remember either of your names :( I'm sorry!!

And check out this fuzzy butt I won in the Holy Moly Pokedoll GA! I wasn't expecting a US Pokedoll, but I don't think I'll be replacing him because I love how his minky is so nice and long <3

I had him shipped to my uncle in the US to save on shipping, since he was coming to visit anyway. I actually cannot believe how much cheaper it is to post domestically within the states. This fuzzy butt costed me $8 IN TOTAL, shipping included, whereas it would cost us AUD 8.25 JUST TO SHIP a Pokedoll within Australia!! Outrageous.
Anyway, I have yet to name this tiny turtle. His brother's name is Kurt Wigg, and as usual I am open to suggestions!

This cut is for TCG trades!

Context: I've just decided that collecting complete sets isn't really my thing, and instead I've started compiling a holographic Pokedex with just one card for each Pokemon/form.

Sooo I traded a bunch of cards with okgod to get these beauties (and a few others that didn't photograph well)


It was my first trade and I am so so pleased with my cards!! It's been SUCH a pleasant experience for me :D

BUT! I've discovered that I now have 2 White Kyurem EX cards from different sets that look exactly the same...
The one on the left is the Legendary Treasures one I got from the trade (101/113), and the other one is from Boundaries Crossed (103/149).
So if anyone would like to trade an EX or maybe a few holos for either of these bad boys (I'm only trading ONE though), please let me know what you have to offer!

I'm also open to trading in general! I have a few recent holos and a heap of regular cards to offer (just ask!) but these are the only other EX cards I am willing to trade right now unfortunately:

If you have any TCG wants from any of the B/W expansion packs or the XY base set, feel free to send me a wishlist and I will go through it right away!

I'll probably be back with another another gets post in September for a super special grail-ish get, so stay tuned! I also have another half promo-half 10thanniversarypokedoll coming up, heheh hope that doesn't give too much away.
Also also looking forward to some stuff from one of happycosmos' older GAs! TOTALLY MY FAULT, NOT HERS - I paid late. But if anyone actually knows her in person, will you please let her know that we are looking for her and hope she's okay? :)

Finally, if you're awake and you're not too busy, why not post a photo or a collage of your plush collection! I love seeing how everyone else displays their goods! Mine used to sit on my bed but now I have too many roly polys that roll right off during the night. I remember a community member asking to see how people displayed their plushes in their colleges/dorms too. So if anyone is still interested, this is my collection right here!

Thanks guys! xx
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